Our underlying ethos is to shift the entrepreneurs’ singular focus from the idea of the product/service they create to an in-depth consideration for the operational business models to ensure long term value creation.

Business Plans/Proposals/Pitches

Business plans are imperative to moving our clients from the idea/product/service to set out strategies to make the business viable.

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Business Modelling

We use available tools (Alex Cowans Business Model Canvas & Mckinsey’s 7S) to analyze the business idea of our clients and help develop a viable value proposition for impact.

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Value Chain Analysis

Value Chain Analysis is a useful tool for helping businesses identify value-creating activities, allowing the business to decide effective and efficient resource deployment in order to maximize value identified through superior products and/or services

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Marketing Strategy

A proper analysis of the strategic aspects of any competitive marketplace may not alter result in certain success, but it almost always helps to avoid failures”. – Robin Wesley

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Financial Forecasting & Liquidity Management

A common mistake made by small and medium scale businesses is unrealistic in predicting their cash flows. They tend to overestimate income and underestimate expenses.

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Relethics Business Plan Information Sheet

Can you answer the following questions? If yes, contact us for a quick, workable business plan. If no, contact us for a conversation on how we can assist you to be ready.

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Business Startup Analysis

7 Variables to test whether you should pursue the idea or not.

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